Re: Heroquests for the Unholy Trio

From: pentallion <pentallion_at_-eY0WhfIqY2YxrpuOiceBDHB9p5v2OAfq8OHXgFqmhIBCkFRff5RTtzbhvcoMolJv>
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 20:30:47 -0000

The discovery of the way for Wakboth to enter Glorantha was central to the original campaign so that one is already a go. It involved the Court of Orlanth HQ overlapping the Lightbringer HQ at exactly the point where the Lightbringers must admit defeat in order to go forward. Orlanths judgement over Thed was his failure. Immediately after the God Learner insures that the PC's fail at that point in their Lightbringer Quest, giving Muriah, as Thed, her choice of justice. The Trio then continues on their HQ, performing their orgy to create Wakboth simultaneously to the PC's continuing on the Lightbringer Quest and choosing to bring Sheng Seleris back from hell.

The whole thing makes a tragic figure out of Thed. In a strange way, my players can see Thed and Ragnaglar as the "good guys" who ultimately right the wrongs of the old world by creating the new one. The Mad God wasn't quite so mad as they presumed from that perspective and the "bad things" he and his kind did don't seem much worse than the things the "heroes" were doing. Other than the broos impregnations. That's pretty horrible. But then, that's the "justice" Orlanth left Thed with.

But if I'm going to get them up to that power level, I'm going to need lots of HQ's for them to go on. Looks like I'll be doing the bulk of the work on this one.            

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