Re: Heroquests for the Unholy Trio

From: pentallion <pentallion_at_xPzDdlwMw-5Kve6Tea4wZfAuxm1fha3jobeCLDfGMwPb9V9xQ2zCzuSj859OHz3tO>
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2008 20:47:45 -0000

So it is pretty obvious that there must be enough mythic quests for a Malian to follow to eventually attain that level.

When you say a "hero cult" I think you are forgetting that not all heroes are the "good guys". Anti-heroes are still heroes and I don't believe that one of the Unholy Trio, who must complete a HeroQuest even more rarely performed to its ultimate completion (once ever) than the Lightbringers Quest could attain that level without access to other HeroQuests along the way.

ONE Malian must do so, whether she's roleplayed or not.

Therefore, there must be both motivation for the Malian and a means to attain such power as to do so.            

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