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Jeff Richard:

> For what it is worth, I do not think that Chaos does not need
> heroquests or even worship.

I'm not so sure; Chaos is so far outside the normal rules that I don't know if it does *need* worship. On the other hand, it clearly receives it from certain deluded individuals and some rather nasty races (broo and scorpion men being the main culprits), and it seems difficult to believe that those cults don't have heroquests. YGWV, of course.

> Worshipping Ragnaglar and Wakboth is magically pointless (except
> perhaps as a way of weakening the world).

This, I agree, is true. In canonical Gloranth, IMO, doing a Ragnaglar heroquest would do naff all, except, perhaps, disrupt someone else's quest.

> The broo worship Thed
> because she is their ancestor and many people offer sacrifices to
> Mallia to keep her away.

Yes, and these are the sorts of cults that will have heroquests and so on. Although, in the case of Mallia, I can't imagine these heroquests are carried out very often, in the grand scheme of things (and then usually only by broo). Even Thed heroquests won't be that common or potent, since the broo aren't exactly a numerous race, compared with, say, Heortlings. So, in rules terms, your community support bonuses are going to be pretty small, even when you can get the whole community to agree on something in the first place.

Some other cults, such as Pocharngo, are going to be even smaller. They'll have heroquests, but these will be blasphemous rituals found in forbidden tomes or whispered to each other by demented visionaries, and only the most deluded individuals will have the audacity to actually perform them.

Chaotic types would probably be better off sabotaging other people's rituals (Malians stopping a Chalana Arroy ritual, for instance) than trying their own, in general.

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