Re: Uzenkeko (sp?)

From: Osentalka <Osentalka_at_9pB_bPuf6UXJwkMSXmed9N5KgkGZHymnIGPjV7OGjbWdLM8Zegg0zcTD5vbpjT7GSI>
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 12:57:00 +0100

And whomever can pull out this "Sword in the Darkness" may call himself King Harshax Belintarson, unite the Holy County once again and throw out the Lunars/Malkioni/Grymane etc.?

That could be a great use for "The Great Pengradon Campaign" for Glorantha. :-)

> At 04:01 p.m. 21/12/2008, you wrote:
> >Was the "Only Old One" a Mistress Race Troll?
> No. He was a demigod.
> >Has or would any of the Holy Country do the Light-bringers Quest to bring
> >him back? Red-Earth No, Warm Earth?, Kitori yes.
> Well the Shadow Plateau is quite willing to bring him back. They won't be
> doing the LBQ thou. They quest to the spot where the OOO was slain (his
> corpse is still there with a massive iron sword sticking in it) and try
> pull it out.
> --Peter Metcalfe

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