RE: Re: The Unholy Trio: Rephrasing the Question

From: Matthew Cole <matthew.cole_at_3ei52AqyWCiX33Ho9JHUOTQhQ7DgfDaZo9P16tiCxtMhRKm0Y7Y84EXAzZQTyBS>
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2008 03:38:27 -0000

You must understand that your requirement is so far outside what is a relatively newly understood set of esoteric knowledge about Gloranthan chaos that one should expect people to try to convert you to this mindset. It's always the way with the freshly enlightened. I count myself only partially there, for the record.

I am still playing catch-up, actually. The 'old way' was that chaos was just a set of bad religions and that there was only one super mythology covering everything and no need for multiple points of view. I see people (including myself), on these lists and in games, struggling to reconcile what we have been reading and hearing (for some time now, truth be told) more recently: that alternate points of view and alternate cultures actually make all the difference when it comes to what myth works for who.

People want to help you, that much is obvious. This, coupled by your lately confessed desire to keep as close to 'canon' as possible (which has been evident from the beginning of your very interesting thread), has led to understandable difficulties. I hope I'm not stepping over any line here by saying that what you ask is completely outside of what is now understood as canon concerning Gloranthan chaos. By canon I just mean 'published' or 'generally agreed'.

If we can agree that, here, and apply ourselves to helping you make several useful myths starring your favourite bad guys (whether you want to use them as flesh-outs or as the central structure for evil HQs) then you might get what you came for?

Were you not interested in what I said (near the beginning of the thread) about the Malia vs Amprefesne quest I have written and play-tested?



Lol - and I was going to bed (3.30am here on Christmas Morning) until I read this:-

I'm still waiting for some helpful suggestions actually. All I've gotten is, well, I don't know what to call it. Besides a couple people who actually made suggestions that related to what I was asking for, I've been forced to defend the fact that I'm even asking.            

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