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> >Vovisibor - created by Fonritans.

>Peter, can you elaborate?

The relevant text is in Revealed Mythologies. Vovisibor is made by Five Evil Shamans from the blood of the murdered sun god Kendamalar (RM p39). In the map on p45, his origins are shown as from Bandaku the Enemy Mountain that is north of the Fensi (the Tarmo, the Palakri and the Mari mountains). When he invades the plains, he is known as Surprise from the North (RM p40). Pamalt makes the Necklace and kills Vovisibor at the place of his birth and in the process unmakes the Spike (RM p39 and footnote).

Fonrit is north of the Fensi and is opposed to the Doraddi of the plains. When the Doraddi Chieftain lists the evil councilors of the Bad God (Heroquest Voices: the chieftain speaks), he lists Ompalam the God of Fonrit (Seseine, another councilor, is likely to be worshipped in Fonrit but I've only seen fan statements to that effect). Having Fonrit as the mythical enemy of Pamalt casts a bright light on northern Pamaltela.

So is Fonrit the Spike? IMO it's a Spike, one of the several sources which the God Learners drew upon to create the mythology of The Spike (Another is Imadsalash which seems to be modern day Teleos).

>[...] I always had the sense that Vovisibor was more of a
>Pamaltelan (Doraddi) opponent.

The Devil is no respecter of mythic borders. Sekever, the Kralori Devil, is active in Genert's Garden (where he beheads Tien and leaves the head at Than Ulbar), Teshnos and Vormain. Wakboth is active in Orlanthi myth and Prax. Vadel is active in the Land of Logic and northern Pamaltela. So I don't see any problems with Vovisibor being in two mythologies.

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