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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 19:37:11 -0000

Amongst a lot of interesting comments, pentallion wrote:
> > > In the end
> > > of this age all the gods die and the world changes.
> > That's an interesting theory.
> >
> > Is there proof of this somewhere?
> "Gods Slain and World Ends"
> Right before Apotheosis of Argrath.

Whilst it is always nice to be quoted as a source of a good idea, you have to take pretty much everything I say with a large pinch of salt.

The entry is "Gods Slain and world changed - End of RuneQuest" which is not the same thing as Gods Slain and World Ends".

> Malian and Thed myths that everyone seems to keep missing. This
> isn't YOUR Glorantha campaign so woulda, coulda, shoulda, doesn't
> matter one whit. I didn't ask CAN I run a campaign like this, I
> only asked, "Is there any good mythology out there and can anyone
> suggest it or point me to it please?"

There isn't a lot of in-depth mythology about Chaos Gods in general, for the reasons given previously. A lot of information is generated for PCs, cultures and cults for PCs and for "good" enemies. Bad enemies, such as Chaos, have some mythology but it is fairly general and only covers a few of their acts. You won't get anything official on Chaos Cults that goes in to the same depths as the material on, say, Heortlings, Dara Happans or even Trolls. RQ2 Cults of Terror mentioned the book being for NPCs and that PCs shouldn't play them. That is good because it stops people claiming that RQ or HQ made them worship the Devil and so on, but it is bad because it stops people playing Chaotic NPCs. I have always gravitated towards the Dark Side, so to speak, finding Darth vader and the Emperor more fun than the Jedi, rooting for Mordred rather than King Arthur and so on, so I'd have liked to play a Vampire in Glorantha.  

> I don't know why it keeps getting drug into this kind of debate.

The Curse of the Gloranthan Digest, I'm afraid (even though this is World of Glorantha and a completely different entity).

What I would do, when you have read all the threads that relate to your question, is to copy them all into a document and extract the useful bits from them, compile them into a number of lists of things that could help/hinder your storyline and then work out how you can achieve what you want to achieve from the campaign.

You will have to cut out an awful lot from the threads, though.

See Ya


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