Re: So now that you have your copies of Sartar

From: nils_w <nils_at_iDvxGRf2ZdrH11tJvhSaNEkHBbLGtRUDln8AAhGR3f-Em7kc3BIk-9ur5lgjIDAaSlamb-N>
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 17:22:29 -0000


> The Lunars are quieter, achieving equilibrium by balancing unlike things
> without the Orlanthi need for constant movement. Anything that can be
> opposed by an opposite can be included in the Lunar Way. This theoretically
> allows the Lunars to take in the best of "conquored" (or are they
> "liberated?") people while discarding the unbalanced and destructive. It
> also, of course, allows for extreme luxury to be balanced by extreme
> poverty, and for personal fulfillment to be matched by despair, depending on
> whether you want the Lunars to be the Good Guys of the Bad Guys.

Excellent summary. I would add that the lunars achieve balance through cyclical change.            

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