Re: Monasticism and Mysticism.

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Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 13:37:16 -0000

> So we would then have three types of mystics - those who sought to
> reach the Ultimate by drawing away from the Inner World and its
> inhabitants ; those who sought to reach it by some single-minded
> dedication to a magical tradition, which would make them aloof but
> not unreachable (and, at a pinch, playable) ; and those who are
> deeply involved in the Inner World and with its inhabitants, whilst
> simultaneously avoiding all otherworldly magic (some forms of Inner
> World magic or possibly even some mystic powers from the Ultimate
> could potentially be available, depending on the Sect).

I think all three kinds exist in Glorantha, BUT, those who approach the Ultimate through the three otherworlds or through the inner world are at a distinct disadvantage.

In the mystic view there are three states: the physical (the inner world), the non-phsyical (thoughts, ideas, magic, the otherworlds) and the mystical (that which is neither physical nor non-physical).

I think going through the physical or the non-physical makes for slower progress and harder challenges.

Still, I think most modern mysticism schools include elements of worship (ie otherworlds/non-physical) stuff which have accreted during the centuries.            

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