Re: Monasticism and Grotaronism

From: arun <keithnellist_at_991eZaSZRhHPl6x8rDXiKtaWiNdmCP3SKK97FZ2grK_WAljWxDlCqm_7BGxlwJi>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 00:22:29 -0000

I cannot agree with the statement that Grotarons are Mystics. They worship a Goddess of Necessity, who is buried under their mountains, and are good at embroidery - which isn't a mystic practice in my world view.

OTOH, I agree about the mystic sabre toothed mountain mammoths, who are clearly the High Gods from Vithelan Mythology on a skiiing holiday.

I firmly believe that Grotarons would be an excellent and popular creature in mainstream Glorantha if we could get a top notch fantasy artist, like Frank Frazetta or Simon Bisley, to do a fantastic scene with a few Grotarons testing their mighty thews, and cutting their bloody swath across Fronela. I think the illustrations thus far (big lips, funny boots, baggy pants) don't do them any favours. "I'm the only Gay Grotaron in the Mountains"

Having a theme tune for an entire species is an interesting idea. For the Waertagi I'd choose the Desert Island Disks theme.


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