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On 19 Dec 2009, at 10:43, Gavain Sweetman wrote:

> > Pavis and Flintnail are VERY different. To begin with, Pavis is not really a divine cult....
> So has he been relegated to being "only" a city god then? I guess that all will be revealed in the new Pavis book :-))

Just from looking at the original Pavis (in Glorantha Classics) and checking it against current HQ2 Gloranthan magic, it's clear that Pavis is a mixture of everything, spirit, rune, sorcery and probably talents as well. And given he was a real person that still lives in the temple (could be a short world, do short worlds still exist?), he's even a kind of hero cult. No wonder the Lunars want to marry him to the goddess. He'd be a fantastic catch with all of his mixed knowledge. He could even be a new example to the lunars as to how heros can become immortal. He's also very limited in his scope. So be careful to plan your apotheosis carefully or you're not going anywhere (ever).

One things for certain, he's going to mess up how you thought the cult of Pavis works and when you get Balastor's Axe it's only going to be at 13:-)


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