Runes for non-theists [was: 'Three Runes']

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Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 09:32:10 +1100

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> I think this gets to the "does everyone have runes" or not thing.

Everyone has Runes in our game (Orlanthi theists, Esvulari wizards, and assorted Lunar types). Theists (or Luan fake-theists) get more use out of them, but I also use them to govern the dream spirits (fake-animism) that Merasedenya grants.

I was actually really tempted to make Grimoires sit under Runes, and go back to "three tiers" of magic (Rune > Grimoire > Spell) - but I shied away from this as too complicated and as removing one of wizardry's big advantages.

> As it is, Theists can use all the common magic (to use the other term)
> of the other two systems.

I've thought about letting Animistic common magic (charms I guess) live under either an appropriate Rune or the Homeland keyword. I'd be prepared to do the same for Wizardry common magic - but I am unsure how it works now... one of the big sources of magic for common folks in wizardrous societies are the blessings of their priests.

Perhaps common magic for wizardly types could allow augmentation with the Law rune if they are acting within their assigned role and within the strictures of their religion? That might represent they layered blessings of their liturgists easily in-game?

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