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Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 23:46:43 +0000

Richard Crawley wrote:
> Trotsky wrote:
> <<The Law rune is not ideal for everyday tasks (unless, perhaps you're
> in
> the wizard caste, and the tasks involve, say, logical analysis).
> Malkioni would, I am sure, be able to use runes to help with everyday
> tasks, but that's not the best one for doing so.>>
> Damned handy if you're, say, an Elz Ast Thief Taker though.

That's another good example.

> I'm envisaging a Thief Taker recruited from among the city's Lunar
> population who might perhaps come from a sorcery-using background -
> perhaps a family of Lunar Citizens in the city who are members of the
> Cerise Church? I guess you'd have no problem with him using his Law
> rune affinity to enhance scrying spells from a Law-linked grimoire but
> could he also use the affinity to augment a mundane interrogation
> attempt? Certainly a theist would. I'd be inclined to say yes, a
> sorcerer could too but I guess it comes down to "does the narrator
> think this is treating on the theist player characters' toes?"

I'd let him. The theist character's schtick is surely the fact he has actual affinities; letting a wizard augment with runes is no different than giving a theist minor spells. Which the rules already say you can, of course.

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