Re: Three Runes

From: Stephen Tempest <e-g_at_9o5bXsKqUrZ9ceP6VpB3AkQ3eXIoKetbB1VttXZ8xymA8wn4y4zUEzBA1o-DAK6reI7cYQwi>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 16:28:13 +0000

"bryan_thx" <> writes:
>Well, from what I've read so far (I don't have KOH yet), the runes are

> gained at first initiation, at least for Heortlings (initiation as a
> lay member). That is, you don't grow up with those runes....

The language used in the book is consistent, that initiation *awakens* the runes within you.

Since the Runes are the building blocks of reality, it follows that in the mundane world everybody is comprised of all the runes, in one proportion or another. A theist initiation allows you to discover the three most important runes that go into making up who you are, and awaken an affinity for them that allows you to perform Theist magic by using them.

I think it's clear enough that the number "three" is a generalisation made formal for gameplay reasons. You can add new runes during play by discovering that you "had them all along", or by performing a heroquest or ritual to strengthen your connection to a particular rune.


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