Re: Three Runes

From: L C <lightcastle_at_mx9vXv2ZD5MP599InLOSi0kyiWrz245XQcPrZx_1vN4m33AIqfYA2nKIfjFmK3Ah>
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 16:50:52 -0500

 Agreed, but the question remains open.
Do only Theists have identified runes as part of their character? Does everyone have them, but only Theists have "ratings" for them, thus allowing them to tap them for their magic but also constricting their behaviour and other magic?
Does everyone have them and everyone have ratings in them, but only Theists can progress to direct magic with them while they may influence other people's magic indirectly?

The intention is not clear to me.


Trotsky wrote:
> It seems reasonable to me that a naturally caring and empathic wizard
> would have a better-than-average potential for healing magic. Even if,
> for whatever reason, they don't interpret that in-world as 'he has the
> Harmony rune', it's still a pretty useful shorthand for us gamers to say
> that, IMO.
> --

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