Re: Three Runes

From: Douglas Seay <douglas-seay_at_r8WdQGZdKMvXEj57rNLD5Qt7OMcqC8KDM3fxNP8KEXdIfyS_6Xp7n7myTPk6BJ2>
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 00:39:54 -0500

Alexander Entelechy wrote:
> Well my biggest concern is what if my values change in
> character. What if my Humakti experiences things that make him want to worship
> life instead of death. If I’ve already given him his three runes then it means
> I’m fighting against myself to do that.

Under normal circumstances once you've initiated to Humakt, you don't have a clan to return to. That is a big deal to Heortlings. Sometimes you cannot go home again.

Also, I think what you are implying is that your runes reflect the person that you are. When you change from Death to Life, you want your runes to change with you. While that is OK in your Glorantha (YGWV is still the mantra), I think the rules put things down exactly opposite of that. Your personality reflects your runes. The runes dictate your personality, so someone tied to the Death rune is very unlikely to change to the Life rune. That just in not what they are the most fundamental level.

> I have to lay down my sword and my magic and fight against
> my nature to worship life. Now that could be dramatic but it also strikes me as
> a little bit odd. It would seem to me that a Humakti who turned to the worship
> of life would actually have a deeper understanding of the life rune than
> others. I mean he actually had to have a value laden reason to choose that way,
> other worshippers are just born with the rune.

I agree that there is story potential here. Improvise and go for it. Overcoming your tie to Death is a big part of this transformation. But I don't see many stories starting with a homicidal maniac (aka Humakti) that have a happy ending. There just aren't that many places to go when you start with a mass murderer.

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