Re: Punishment for consorting with chaos

From: donald_at_qFHQ0TYt91bxhL12SS_TD4JRdeMjBX8SdjMWMhdRvMfA1AovSIOiy49dVkCEbGzinGorz
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2009 00:02:05 GMT

In message <> "xavierllobet" writes:
>> "If a servant of the Predark is succored, or those who sacrifice to
>> the Predark, or seek its mystery, knowingly or unknowingly, whether
>> ill come of it or no, then twenty cows and outlawry"
>I wonder if the distinction between propitiatory worship and outright
>Chaos worship is clearly defined... I mean, how can an orlanthi know
>if his neighbour has REALLY crossed the line?

They don't.

There are indicators such as the Uroxi 'sense chaos' magic and questioning under Humatki truth magic. Like any legal system there will be mistakes and disputes about the evidence.

Donald Oddy


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