Re: Punishment for consorting with chaos

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_hPRswMT3XxoApzSHupVClghbpzFl5jXXB0Kf-T3KSuLG4vP5wiI8TubWuPgHLgyp32Cx>
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2009 22:35:39 -0000

> The present case happened in a second age set along the Marzeel
river. My
> reading of the sources is that this is an area where the Orlanthi have
> become fairly pragmatic citified types as they have to deal with the
EWF on
> one side and major cities such as Karse down river. Outlawing
someone would
> probably just mean "go to live in Karse and work as a mercenary." I
> whether in those circumstances, Orlanthi justice would be more bloody.
> If anyone wants to sit in justice, the bad guy's history is:
> Son of a woodcutter, family killed by an EWF hunting and waltzing band
> leaving him with a certain hatred. Fostered by a distant relative
who was a
> second niece of the clan chieftain. Joined one of a loose affiliation of
> warbands but became frustrated by what he saw as appeasement. Ended up
> sacrificing to a long forgotten deity whp promised him dragon-fighting
> powers and taking control of the warband. Others assumed he was a good
> Orlanthi. At the climax of it all, he and his cronies murdered the
> among his warband, holed up in a fortress and were about to sacrifice a
> child before the PCs intervened. So his crimes are many and include
> murder. What should his punishment be?

Are the folk he murdered members of the same clan as the bad guy? If so, their kin should demand that he is outlawed by the clan and then kill him.

If he belongs to another clan but the same tribe, then the aggrieved kinfolk should demand that he is outlawed at a tribal assembly and then kill him if successful. If they don't get him outlawed, they should still kill him, but they will likely have a feud on their hands or pay some compensation.

An additional wrinkle - his own kin are responsible for his deeds as well. The kin of the dead will likely demand that the murderer's kin not only outlaw the murderer but pay compensation to his victim's kin.


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