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Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2009 20:12:14 GMT

In message <> "Peter Larsen" writes:

>On page 84 of Thunder Rebels it list some punishments. For failing to alert
>the clan, various fines. For more active roles, fines + outlawry. This
>includes "those who sacrifice to Predark, or seek its mystery, knowingly or
>unknowingly, whether ill come of it or no," That's 20 cows (blood price for
>2 cottars) and outlawry (of the permanent kind, I imagine).
>On page 44 of the same book, there is a quote from "Andrin's Words" which
>lists "to befoul oneself in consorting with the Predark," as one of the
>capital crimes. Which is a bit confusing, since other parts of the book
>suggest that the clan cannot execute one of its own (one of the problems
>with kinslaying), and Andrin is the clan (as opposed to Tribal) lawspeaker.
>A few possible resolutions:
>1. These are things so horrible that the person becomes "not kin"
>and may be killed.

Outlawry by the clan makes them 'not kin'.

>2. Capital, in this case, means outlawry, since an outlaw saddled
>with such a crime is unlikely to find a home anywhere else, and
>will probably die quickly.

It is significant that Andrin's words do not describe them as capital crimes. I think the heading is misleading and it is just restates the preceeding paragraph.

>3. The person is outlawed and immediately turned over to Tribal
>authorities who can enact the real sentence. Or the outlaw is
>released near the edge of the tula with some Storm Bulls from
>outside the clan positioned in advance...

Joining the cult of Urox involves leaving your clan. The typical farmer is not willing to accept legal liability for Uroxi behaviour.

While I'm sure the are occassions where newly made outlaws are ambushed I don't see it as the normal practice. Part of the problem is that such rulings will rarely have unanimous support within the clan. Outlawry is a way of avoiding kinstrife not provoking it so there will be little desire for violence where it might drag other clansfolk into it.

The sentence of outlawry will be passed at a clan moot and will usually involve an order to leave the tula by a certain time. The route and means are up to the individual. The clan warband will be watching to make sure they do and there will be Humatki among them. A severed Humatki can decide to kill an outlaw without worrying about kinship and the clan chief has plausable denability.

>Anyway, the minimum seems to be outlawry and a hefty fine on your
>relatives for not having done something about you earlier.


Donald Oddy


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