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>*Proportion of Sartarites that are city-living vs. fyrd-living. (Did I miss
>this in Thunder Rebels or History of the Heortlings?)

The figure is 1 in every ten. Note that the urban figure includes tribal settlements such as Clearwine as well as the cities proper such as Boldhome. In addition, the population figures for the Sartarite cities as of 1621 have been given in an old glorantha-con book as:

Alda Chur               3,500
Alone                   500
Jonstown                2,000
Duckpoint               100
Wilmskirk               1,500
Swenstown               1,000
Boldhome                11,000

>*Discussion of city laws of the Orlanthi, where outsiders are both common
>and expected. As well as fyrd-based clan outlaws. Are these trading-based,
>coming from Issaries, or an extension of the laws as explained by the

City laws are promulgated by the City Ring, which has a representative from each surrounding tribe.

>*The role of Orlanthi cities in raising/fielding armies during periods of

They don't because the Lunars control the cities.

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