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Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 09:40:52 +1100

2009/1/5 Roderick and Ellen Robertson <>
> Thats why there are Humakti. And Violence is Always an Option.

This is a very important point!
While the Orlanthi might shy away from judicial execution (it just stinks of the Fire Tribe's tyranny to me...) they are a people who enshrine violence as a right. Problems that cry for a violent solution can be solved by an appeal to unaligned sources of violence that a surround a clan (Uroxi will happily jump on Chaos worshippers and lack affiliations and kin-ties; Humakti will probably kill anyone that needs to be killed and also - if unsheathed - lack kin-ties).

However! invoking these forces against a fellow clan-member is a Big Deal. And clearly, it should be!
Humakti, Uroxi, and other assorted lunatics from outside the clan are not a judicial alternative to the problems of a community struggling against itself. If you can just defer these serious matters to the judex, tribune, or sirdar then where is the drama? The Orlanthi struggle with the pros and cons of the centrality of clan are an important and distinguishing cultural feature (which makes Sartar's efforts to transcend it in some sense all the more impressive).

John Machin
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