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So here is a little story, based on what we have discussed:

Oddi, formerly an uncle, has been outlawed from his clan. There was some disagreement as to the circumstances and some family members did not feel that it was an appropriate judgment. But everyone abides by the decision and someone subtly reminds Oddi that a successful second cousin runs a workshop in Jonstown; perhaps he can try to start over there. After a few close calls, Oddi makes it to Jonstown with just the belongings he can carry, perhaps leading one cow as his remaining personal wealth after recompensation for his crime. The militia members, lead by a member of the city warband, question him on entry and Oddi answers truthfully. He is warned that there is little protection for outsiders like him in the city, but he is allowed to come in and sell his cow at the market.

The cow does not go for nearly as much as he had hoped, but he has enough cash to last for a season, he hopes. After buying some food ($$) from a vendor, he reassesses that and decides that he better visit Ugard's workshop soon.

His (former) relative listens to the story and is not very sympathetic. Ugard decides that he'll check on the details whenever someone from his old clan comes through the city, but for now Oddi can do menial labor and get a space on the floor of the workshop for as long as he can stay out of trouble. Ugard does offer this to Oddi: few in the city know who is protected by association and who is an outsider passing through. This anonymity offers a bit of protection to visitors, although Oddi should just stay out of trouble as much as possible. Perhaps, Ugard suggests, he should use is remaining money to buy local clothes so he fits in.

After a year of working hard and staying out of trouble, Ugard gets word on the details of the outlawry. Oddi seems to have learned his lesson and the conditions do allow Oddi to eventually return, if he survives that long. Oddi has demonstrated that he still has a relationship with Orlanthi during Sacred Time and has learned his way around the city enough to be useful.

Ugard suggests that, so long as he stays out of trouble, he will sponsor Oddi as a resident. The city ring hears the request (probably with several others, in a special session a couple of times each season) and so long as Ugard knows his responsibilities, agree to make Oddi a resident.

Now saddled with responsibilities to the city, as well as rights. Oddi finds that the militia is much more interesting to him than the menial labor he was doing for Ugard. After another year or two, he finds a permanent position where his skills as a warrior are put to better use. Five years later, he is accepted into the city Warband and no one remembers that he was once Oddi the outlaw.

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