Re: Propitiatory worship (from The Unholy Trio etc.)

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Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2009 04:35:46 GMT

In message <> "John Machin" writes:

>Has anyone got any thoughts about propiation in other cultures than
>the Orlanthi? Did cowering Heartlanders give offerings to Orlanatus
>when he and his people ravaged the lands so they they would keep away
>from them and go and ravage others? Are there sects of magi in
>Carmania who venerate the negative principles in order to fulfill some
>ancient responsibility? Do Lunars do this, or do they have other ways
>(the Cult of Blaskarth?), or does the Moon already incorporate weal
>and woe with Her Many Faces?

According to ILH1 the Seven Mothers have a Teelo Norri talent/spell of Selflessness. The chant "I am not that" implies to me an unspoken addon of "and the goddess protect me from becoming that".

Donald Oddy


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