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At 03:53 a.m. 8/01/2009, you wrote:
>So I have been looking around a bit, and I am not finding too much on the
>Battle of Grizzly Peak. Is there a good description of the event (maybe
>units involved, general course of the battle, etc)? King of Dragon Pass
>pretty much just seems to say Tarkalor and the Feathered Horse Queen died,
>the proto-Exiles and Sartar got whopped, modern Tarsh was established.

Dragon Pass p30 says the peak was famous for being the site of a mythic battle between Vingkot and the Star Bear. Since the Red Goddess rode a Star Bear, the Lunar tactic might have been a mythic re-enactment of this contest.

One particular nitpick - you've assumed Tarkalor's Queen is the Feathered Horse Queen but "Mother of Lands" is cited on page 228 of KoS as having kept faith after her favourite lover whom she married died at Grizzly Peak. So the queen is possibly Dorasa - Tarkalor's "bed wife" cited in KoS p43. Due to the lowly title of Dorasa (if she was queen then surely the Grey Sages would have referred to her as such rather than bed wife), I think Tarkalor had a third wife who was his queen but their marriage was without issue which is why she escapes mention.

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