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Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 01:31:15 GMT

In message <> "bryan_thx" writes:

>> Harvest is not a Final Death - and I've found that my player
>> character Ernaldans and Orlanthi farmers are EXTREMELY reluctant
>> to let Humakti anywhere near a ceremony that is ultimately about
>> Life.

I'm not sure what you mean by "Final Death". I associate this with being consumed by chaos and therefore unable to be reborn.

>Indeed! Isn't the secret of Ernalda along the lines of "She isn't
>dead, she's sleeping!" You really don't want to get Humakt involved
>in that situation *eek!*

Yet I've seen the suggestion that Babeester Gor's father is Humakt, conceived when Ernalda was hiding in the earth. Proving that life is stronger than death. I understand Humakt denies fatherhood.

TR pg. 184 has the women mourning the death of Esrola on Harvest Day.

>I would think if a Humakti harvested anything the seeds would be
>useless for planting at the very least. Whether they'd still be
>food for living beings not so sure about. But yah, I'd not want
>Death anywhere near harvest either.

I see the Orlanthi being much more comfortable with the idea of life coming from death than we are.

But this is very much a case of YGWV.

Donald Oddy


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