Re:Outlawry = death

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_5hYbUunofSAzsTVpOu9Og84J8UEdJBJIgZcdhkk23bpGbMFhQUFEEMwct8taftnt-4Nr>
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 07:48:49 -0000

> I am not so sure that harvest in actually about life. It is about
taking the
> lives of the plants (and when butchering, of animals) so that the
people can
> live.

Which is ultimately the secret of the Harvest - what seems like death is needed for life. Nonetheless, the butchery performed in Ernalda's service is different from the butchery performed by Humakt.

> I'm not sure what you mean by "Final Death". I associate this
> > with being consumed by chaos and therefore unable to be reborn.
> I would too.

I simply meant it in the sense that there is no coming back from Humakt's Death - it is final.

> Normally, Humakt is incapable of fathering anything, since he is the
> he is Death, and an not make Life.

Yes. Something my players are acutely aware of. They support a Humakti in their household (at significant cost and trouble), but keep the Humakti away from Life-making activities (but welcome her when it is time to take life from others).

> I think if a Humakti harvested anything (except, perhaps a ritual
> then it'd be shocking because that is nowhere near his job. I am not
> convinced it would damage the nutritinal value, but cerainly impair his
> reputation!
> It would be like sending the cook to assassinate someone.

Or asking the assassin to make breakfast.


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