Re: Status of HeroQuest Publications

From: jclebreu <jclebreux_at_pFXcU7VtQbLfw5N4GWrLPgSbaFOqhYOzk5pKg_JkOxr2WYg-165HYGPKpArMJnLJOy>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 09:06:12 -0000

What a lot of amazing news !
- FarPak written
- Oak and thorn written (for years !)
- 2 books about the west (youpi !!!!) written
- The coming storm (I don't know this one...) 75% written

Thanks you very much to all the authors for their works ! I "can't" wait for all this stuff ! :))

But it seems surpising to know that a few books are written but not published... Financial reasons ?

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