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From: Gianfranco Geroldi <giangero_at_Mzrr6Y2IWdLfSsxAcXRoBct7qukcTPdBqWxmuvQU7MRyh_7oAmuUFv9BgMgKhsORoiX>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 08:12:12 -0800 (PST)

Anyone! Banish that guy! He's lunatic!
--- Ven 23/1/09, Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_cEXiBTpb1wWwydBxUo2pToUwhWlEeSj8b8TSmTikMhMP0POH9R9Z5cPJwIxB8qZm7qcexkvga9oPHL8jcaltHQ.yahoo.invalid> ha scritto:

Da: Keith Nellist <keithnellist_at_cEXiBTpb1wWwydBxUo2pToUwhWlEeSj8b8TSmTikMhMP0POH9R9Z5cPJwIxB8qZm7qcexkvga9oPHL8jcaltHQ.yahoo.invalid> Oggetto: Re: Dialects in communication
A: WorldofGlorantha_at_yahoogroups.com
Data: Venerdì 23 gennaio 2009, 02:40

Is New Pelorian like a totally awesome moonstruck dude version of Old Pelorian?

That would be totally un-bogus to the max!


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