Re: Death Rune and creating undead

From: donald_at_bigy2yBW1hSJb6KpFt6DbJgz5X1ZPOZvrmm0bMLLEREfak5HU6DDIFMKpZSvvVTM5Bugt
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 21:34:55 GMT

In message <> "ttrotsky2" writes:

>This I find difficult to believe, though. While there are trolls that
>use wizardry, I have had a hard time associating it with Zorak Zoran.
>Furthermore, it almost seems to be Orlanthi thinking to say "it's bad
>magic, so it must be wizardry". If anything, I would have thought it
>was animism, stuffing animating spirits into the bodies of the dead.

That's a lovely image. ZZ shamans stuffing spirits into corpses with a complete disregard for suitability. e.g. Zombie Rhinocerous animated by the spirit of a duck.

Donald Oddy


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