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It is certainly not the case that all Death rune cults/cultures create undead-- indeed some (such as Humakt) are notably against Undeath, and see it is a perversion of Death.  
The runic combination for creating undead without the Undead rune usually seems to be  either Darkness and Death, or Chaos and Death, (or sometimes all three). Zorak Zoran has Darkness and Death, Cacodemon has Chaos and Death, Urain has Chaos and Death, and Vivamort and Thanatar have Chaos and Darkness in there somewhere. Am sure there are others, but it's midnight local time and I haven't time for the necessary cross-referencing  
Richard Hayes
Richard Hayes

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Date: Saturday, 24 January, 2009, 10:29 AM


>Zorak Zoran's animation of the Dead comes from his hatred of
>everything - possibly that is the Disorder Rune in action.

Darkness as well. I would associate Zorak's hatred of everything as the wrath of the dead seeking to overwhelm the living. The "undead" are actually rightfully dead but damned by Zorak to bear the power of Hell into the surface world. The world of life is still strong and so the zombies are clumsy and unthinking. Foreign zombies (ie captives that have been made into Zombies) can be freed from this ghastly existence by being hacked to pieces while Zorani zombies (Zorak Zorani who were turned into Zombies upon death) reassemble in the Underworld.

>Possibily it is not a divine feat but wizardry.

Trolls didn't use sorcery until Arkat's time whereas they were raising zombies before then.


>While there are trolls that
>use wizardry, I have had a hard time associating it with Zorak Zoran.

Actually the connection is Arkat but since his worship is almost unknown in orthodox troll areas (such as Dagori Inkarth) that's why it seems so hard. But in Ralios where they worship Arkat the Troll, there are sorcerous trolls there.

--Peter Metcalfe

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