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From: Grimmund <grimmund_at_3rMwQV-seB22z2fCK5-cV8SgK-LhK_wclE6Ew6UjHQj4kFF1cWUPY4liHn-cw6olHFp>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2009 07:53:29 -0600

These were all cosmetic rather than substantial/functional:
  1. Changing visage: Creature's facial features constantly undergo a slow morph. Time to completely change features could be minutes (rarely) up to hours or days (typically). The change process is continual, the new faces are essentially random, sometimes handsome/pretty, sometimes ugly, sometimes average, possibly changing face-gender in the process. In extreme cases, this extends to the rest of the body, possibly to include ethnic group. (Or, in broo, morphs slowly through different animal heads...)
  2. Changing features: A less extreme version of Changing Visage. Creature's face stays recognizably the same, but the features constantly enlarge/contract. This results in normal-to-caricature cycles, or in more rare cases, the entire body morphs.
  3. Changes color: Another less extreme version of Changing Visage. Creature slowly changes skin or pelt color. Color change is random, duration is random. In extreme cases, colors are not limited to those normally found in that species. Note that hair color is fixed when it grows, so something that is pink for a week, red for a week, purple for a week, green for a week, etc, has hair that would have grown in each different color. This could produce some interesting pelts, if there was a way to decontaminate them.

Today's fun brought to you by the letters USMC and the numbers 155:


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