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YGWV On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 12:08 PM, Richard Hayes <
> wrote:

> I thought the traditional explanation for Zorak Zoran's power over fire is
> that he stole it from Yelmalio (at the Hill of Gold?). Thus Zorak Zoran's
> power over fire is derived from a famous victory that he claimed for
> Darkness over Fire, rather than from any direct tie he ever had to Fire in
> his own right.

That is right.

> This also explained why Yelmalio no longer has power over fire, and
> possibly also why Yelmalions don't put red blankets on their horses whereas
> Zorak Zoran cultists often wear red (if my recollections from Cults of Prax
> are correct)

That is right.

> Though I am still intrigued by the theory that Zorak Zoran might be one
> aspect of another god entirely ...who is it?

I encourage anyone else to share their thoughts on what that entity might be. YGWV, after all.

But to me ZZ is the darkness god that darkness entities are afraid of. He is SO tough that he defies the normal boundaries of darkness. He rules fire, a thing that is harmful and terrifying to all darkness creatures. He is SO tough that he doesn't keep the dead that are the rightful inheritance of darkness, but exploits them and forces them to be not dead.

Greg Stafford
Game Designer

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