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The "philbert6000" (which must be a truly awesome nut, waaay better than the regular filbert) says:

> ZZ is a part of another god, who the trolls call Zorak Zoran. His
> name gives a hint at who that other god is. Have you every asked
> yourself why Zorak Zoran is the god of hate? what is he so angry
> about? What is it in the past of Zorak Zoran that makes him THE god
> of hate? His fire power is from outside of Hell, think about it....

To which some call BS, but Greg invites:

> I encourage anyone else to share their thoughts on what that entity might
> be. YGWV, after all.
> There has to be an origin of everything, and to me ZZ = hatred (and the
> effects it creates).
> Sure, there always may be another thing/name, but he's the first knowable
> manifestation of it.

I'm currently playing a female jungle troll who worships Zorakarkat. So, I've made up some Zorak Zorani stuff along the way. But it was inspired by published stuff, so make of it what you will.

I see Zorak Zoran not as hatred, but as an aspect of the Eater. He is the consuming, swallowing, engulfing, isolating power of darkness. He's why even ordinary darkness is creepy -- he cuts you off from everything that makes you comfortable. The engulfing nature of darkness is similar to what Greg notes as the boundary-crosser (but there are some differences, which I would say are mostly culturally dirven, not mythically driven). The Praxians come close to worshipping the primal nature of it in the Black Eater. The Zorak Zoran of the Hill of Gold knew the secret that fire also consumes; Yelmalio only knew that it was bright, so ZZ trumped Yelmalio's control of it. We know that Zorak Zoran is the zombie lord because we know what zombies like to do: consume BRAINS! (Well, okay, maybe not in Glorantha, but it was too good a line to waste.) The Zorakarkat that my troll worships is a consumer of chaos; more specifically, a consumer of enlightenment of  Nysalor's variety. And, as we all know, eating poison can be bad for you.

So, to me, Zorak Zoran is not hatred. But when the ravenous Death Lord wants to crush your head and suck out your liver, it is kind of a moot point. And Death Lords are ALWAYS hungry.

Chris Lemens            

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