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>What I meant about the closeness of the God Learners is that
>Alakoring starts from Lankst which is far closer to the God
>Learners than the EWF. That he fights his way into Karia
>and then to Aggar with the aim of freeing his god and people
>looks rather strange when the God Learners in Safelster
>were just as bad (as Sigolf Cloudcrusher can attest).

I wish there were a good map of Imperial Age Ralios -- the Mongoose work is well done, but I don't think Robin Laws had access to the information in History of the Heortling Peoples (given the lack of mention of Alakoring and his victories).

As you point out, geography certainly suggests the God Learners as a more likely enemy. So it must have been something like the feud Jeff mentions, or the revulsion my players seem to feel about draconized Orlanth myths. (I'm sure they'd hate God Learner meddling too, so perhaps Robin's idea of treating Lankst as a "theist preserve" explains why the Lankst Orlanthi don't view the God Learners as enemies.)

>a great hero would surely have been a major headache for the
>God Learners but for some reason, he's not.

So their meddling took the form of playing up the Orlanth vs Dragon myths... Heck, maybe they're providing arms (M-47 perhaps?).


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