Re: Lodril and Monster Man (was Lodrili Settlers and Sacred Time Ceremonies)

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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009 10:56:52 -0800 (PST)

I'd say it's a Jekyll and Hyde. It was official ten years ago, but may have been altered since. Here's the direct quote from the Lodril write-up on the old Issaries site (1998):

"Monster Man: This creature is the dark side of Lodril. He incarnates everything fearful: seething rage and eternal pain without solace. He is the final rebellion of decency distorted by impossible pressures. The spell he offers is only available at Lodril's great temples, and once cast must run its full course."

More Lodril stuff available at:

     Now, nothing prevents others from having a different view. As written, it sounds like the final resort of a Lodrili driven too far by life, circumstances or his noble masters. He has run amok. It's religiously sanctioned personal rebellion. One wonders about how you persuade the priest to cast that one for you, unless it's something for which you just appeal directly to the god.

     It seems to resemble one of Gorgorma's roles somewhat, except that Gorgorma seems to be the source of full scale peasant rebellions, not just individual madness.

     Derdromos is mentioned in the Entekosiad. As everyone knows, that isn't a reliable source, as it's a collection of myths filtered through a particular priest's collection bias. Mind you, I'm not an expert in this part of the Glorantha mythos. About the only extended discussion that I could find was dated a long post from David Cake, dated 1996, so it predates the Lodril cult write-up:


From: Peter Metcalfe <> In Peloria, Lodril was held captive for a time by Derdromos who is a name for Monster Man. --Peter Metcalfe                   

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