Re: How powerful are City gods, Tribal spirits, petty gods...

From: Jamie <anti.spam_at_KAS65b53Bnm-Z4VIPV9SRA-R0RyumFAIDYyIQlpxbJi6o37sGOR-DYqGNjJl4SaBXD>
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 20:23:47 -0000

I would be all for wading into the middle of the ideology clash if it wasn't for the fact that I believe this thread came to a natural end back in post #7568 with a satisfied acknowledgment. I know its not my job to moderate but maybe its all over bar the shouting.

You know its awful quiet over in the HQ rules list we could really liven things up over there with a good argument over the relative merits and uses of the HQ/HW/RQ systems, whether HQ2 replaces HQ and whether either can actually be used for various agendas.

Anyone want to open it with a controversial question?


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