Re: I invoke the Great Compromise

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_7y_WEvN1EtkrKEfzvfqihdZLDqFaO7jH9Eicf15tCyYy95B1gQw1C1IY0jlhPKQdoQGK9>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 09:45:41 -0700

>> Given that Roderick has just announced (on ImmoderateGloranthaQuest)
>> his resignation from Moon Design for reasons partially related to
>> HQII, I suspect it may be a while ....

Since Rick hasn't mentioned it, though he said he would last week...

I am no longer employed in any capacity at Moon Design. I have no clue what is happening with HQ2 or any other manuscript.

HQ2 was certainly *not* the straw that broke the camel's back. 99.5% of the reason why I am no longer working for Rick is covered by Point 1 of my Immoderate post.

I really don't want to discuss it further. Even to elaborate on what Point 1 was.

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