Re: Chaos Feature Competition News

From: David <daveolloyd_at_xhgpFKpGW0tzgaPBuvux5Q24zRya1T6CnPDwTLNd5VTE4wa4mRz1jt0pkUQKPXREl>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 19:13:21 -0000


In an effort to get the list to 101 entries:

Insensible -- when the creatures is first encountered, and at random intervals thereafter, roll a d6 (1=creature cannot be seen; 2=creature cannot be heard; 3=creature cannot be smelled (not very useful in combat); 4=creature cannot be tasted (ditto); 5=creature cannot be touched (very handy in combat); 6= creature cannot be sensed magically (may have interesting side effects)).

Burrowing Teeth -- when the creature bites an opponent, if it does damage, then 1d6 teeth break loose and burrow into the target, eventually reaching an internal organ and killing the target.

Schodinger's Chaos Creature -- the creature is simultaneously both alive and dead and thus cannot be killed or restored to life until hit with an appropriate detection magic (e.g., detect undead turns it into an undead, detect life turns it into a living creature, etc.).


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