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> > I thought that the 1.6 size was cleared.
> >
> > Old maps show the distance in "km". A lot of people thought that "km" is
> > Kilometers, but it actually is Keymiles (aka miles). And a Keymile is 1.6
> > Kilometer.
> I hate that meme by the way. The old stuff _explicitly_ talked about kilometers. The scale was silly, and inflating by a factor of 1.5 helped somewhat, but let's not pretend it was anything else than proper metric units.

I spent a long time looking at the published maps and one thing was very clear - the scales were inconsistent. The best fix that I came up with was to assume that some of the maps (not all of them) said km but meant miles. The map of Sartar and Prax in the RQ2 rulebook was the major culprit there. I wasn't looking at realistic scales, I was trying to reconcile the many maps that had been produced.

The fact that it also makes the lands bigger is an added bonus.

RQ2 material very rarely ralked about kilometres, as far as I can recall. Distance was mainly in miles or days travel.

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