Re: Liminal heroquest in Galactica finale

From: L C <lightcastle_at_mQ-wbGstSVMcrElMRfxO8Z0fhwzhcLK-HU0zt1UzAI2svP1wDevi5IkNXgPPieCZ>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 23:00:13 -0400

No, it really isn't. But then McGoohan had an issue or six concerning women. LC

John Machin wrote:

 >.. which is amply demonstrated by this. I like Sir Ian but come on... one #2?
 >Next there will be strong female characters... and we all know where *that* leads...

 >(okay kidding about that last bit... but The Prisoner really isn't about a balanced cast of protagonists now is it?)
> .

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