Re: Who will bell the cat?

From: Neil Robinson <OrlanthiFool_at_PHRixwp-4Hbx9aVc4VQW9IcR-zGmOMKs9e8lXgf7dXMi-olP8fQvEJHV46YHYv0>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 10:47:20 -0700

> Mac compatibility would be nice. It worked for WoW right?

Hmmmm, I doubt this will happen. If it is targeted at consoles, you can expect PC compatibility at most. Sad but true. As for WoW, it is an exception, due to Blizzard's policy of publishing for Mac, too. But most others in the computer game industry do not share this open-mindedness.

I think it is more a matter of business economics than open-mindedness. The amount of additional work to support a second platform is huge (the development costs may be incremental, but the testing costs don't scale the same way), and often not worth the investment. It has been shown that Mac users can easily run PC games and often do.

Now, if the game would start to get as big as WoW, then I'm sure they would (and should) consider a Mac version. That or they make a browser-only version. Ahhh, but then which browser?

I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping the game gets published.

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