Re: R: The thing with goats

From: Loran <aillet_l_at_9lZcTXvmHtlCiSklbL711soKrLrupeuTbb2Gj2brnyTMTRCgfRykoepIbIOzIIn4Nkw>
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 22:25:21 -0000

We have :
Orlanth/Heler = Ram
Urox = Bull
Ragnalar = Billy Goat ?

But is Orlanth really Heller thus really a ram or just a local approximation? Is Urox really a bull or syncretism with the praxian storm bull? Then is Ragnalar truly a billy goat? or just a mythic scapegoat? (by association with Thed, for a full pantheon sin/failure, for example as described in Ron Edwards' article on Daedalus).

Is there any clear official position on the mythic goat ascendancy of the broos? Thed and/or Ragnalar ?

Anyway I like the development of having other beasts as supports for broo-ized creatures. Goat remind me of the old grecian god Pan being demonized by Christians.

I also like this kind of inevitable enigma in gloranthan myths, it leaves place for Gamemasters' own interpretation and appropriation. But if you an answer/hypothesis for this one, I'm curious. :-)

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