RE: Re: R: The thing with goats

From: Matthew Cole <matthew.cole_at_RFOlZBKz28P6wKfLYcdD20eXHW6FMuNNrZwnuSWQ75rNrHbx5uNvonor9V0Lf_G>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 09:23:17 +0100

Got to say I worry about you sometimes :)

Billy goats have a reputation for being randy. Difficult to say quite how true this is, compared with any other animal - these days, at least, they're usually only kept for stud purposes, which might tend to bias one's view. Equally, I don't think the nannies come into oestrus any more frequently than sheep do, but never having kept sheep, I can't be sure about that. Anyhoo, the concept of randy billy-goats has good RW folklore antecedents.            

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