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>> After reading my email, I realized that a lot of it applies to the lunar
>> empire.
>I'd go with "Dara Happan Empire", rather than Lunar. Those Nouveau Riche
>Lunars are you up-and-comers, though; They're probably Jacobins, as well.

I don't see the DH emperor being as constrained as a feudal monarch. He is the semi-divine ruler in the tradition of ancient Egypt rather than the descendent of the warlord who gathered enough support to take the throne. The theory of the divine right of kings was a renaissance import from the fall of Byzantium and lasted until parliament decided to execute Charles I for treason.

Nor do I see land ownership in DH being anything like as complicated as feudal Europe. Some will be owned by free peasants who work it themselves while most will be owned by Leagues who use slaves. 4th Century Roman practice if you want an analogy.

Donald Oddy


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