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Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 22:37:20 -0700

> I don't see the DH emperor being as constrained as a feudal monarch.
> He is the semi-divine ruler in the tradition of ancient Egypt rather
> than the descendent of the warlord who gathered enough support to
> take the throne. The theory of the divine right of kings was a
> renaissance import from the fall of Byzantium and lasted until
> parliament decided to execute Charles I for treason.

The millenia of "tradition" surrounding the DH Emperor make him, if anything, much more constrained than any medieval or Renaissance king. Every league and every city will have its own exemptions to decrees and laws, dating back to before the fall of the sun in some cases. The Emperor is surrounded by a *serious* Bureaucracy, *and* a Hierarchy, *and* Divine Laws which he may not break - the poor guy can't even touch the ground with his bare skin, fer cryin' out loud! Sure, some lucky emperors get to go out and slaughter the paynim, but they'd better not touch their own subjects!

> Nor do I see land ownership in DH being anything like as complicated
> as feudal Europe. Some will be owned by free peasants who work it
> themselves while most will be owned by Leagues who use slaves. 4th
> Century Roman practice if you want an analogy.

There's a lot of to complications that can build up in 110,000+ years, . Plus all the kerfluffle of all the various invasions, rebellions, False Emperors, etc..

The Dara Happan empire may seem simple, but *nothing* can last that long and *not* have serious issues.

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