Dr. Pid is an Ancien Régime Goat

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Date: Fri, 17 Apr 2009 08:12:36 -0700 (PDT)

Stu asks:

> So I'm intrigued as to the reasons behind this: why are many Praxian birds bald?

The idea that ducks moult if they stay in Prax is new to me. How do birds shed heat? Don't they pump more blood into their feathers? If that's the case, moulting would be a real disadvantage.

As to the other examples, all IMO:

Sun Hawk is a primordial sun being. Thunderbird is a primordial storm being. Raven is a primordial darkness being. Condor was a primordial Earth being. Why it has no head covering is a survival story. After the earth died in Genert's lands, Condor taught how to survive on the dead. This lost him his sacred powers and his head feathers moulted. You follow Condor in really long periods of drought.

The Ostrich pulled Yamsur's chariot and used to have beautiful plumage, but lost it when Ostrich fled in fear. The story of Yamsur and the Ostrich has a different origin than the Feathered Rivals stories. Yamsur was the sun spirit of the Garden. The Feathered Rivals are an even older remnant.

I don't know the story of why Bird Lizards don't have feathers any more. "Everyone knows" that they are birds, though. There's a third member of the Ostrich - Bird Lizard alliance. I think it's also a bird, but it's a hidden tribe. Maybe it has a lack of feathers, too. Chris Lemens            

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