Re: resurrection

From: donald_at_hcc9P6ymYDLf-g_V8yeOVVOvEDeMzP1xWSvBWnDVlHKvmY1qCdCewrrAE8vbCoNzQZXCk
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 00:59:47 GMT

In message <> "lokamayadon" writes:
>hello !
>do you think chalana Arroy needs a heroquest to resurrect somebody ?

Definitely. I'm not sure of the precise details but one station is a direct challenge to Humakt. While CA has a definite advantage in the contest, particularly strong opposition can screw that up.

>If yes, is it possible for a priest of this cult to resurrect a
>non-orlanthi people ? :))

I can't see why not. CA is not a specifically Orlanthi goddess. The opposition may not be Humakt in that case though and there may be different stations or other problems on the HQ.

Donald Oddy


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