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Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 11:10:43 GMT

In message <> John Machin writes:

>Yeah, I agree entirely Donald! I wonder if the real Rex mysteries are
>being able to apply the "laws" of the clan to larger bodies? I wonder
>what large Ernaldan (or former Ernalda-analogue-dominated) areas do
>instead though (Holay, Esrola, old school Rinliddi?, Darsen?)

Dar the King isn't that much different from Dar the Chief. Ernaldans have Orendana the Queen. Besides which "We are all reasonable people, we don't need lawyers and arguments to resolve this issue". Showy trials are for the silly menfolk. Agreements are far more often made behind the scenes and presented as a best for everyone compromises.

I don't think the Rinliddi come from an Ernaldan base at all. I see their women as part of the Sun/Sky tradition rather than Earth. Darsani is an Earth tradition but may have little in common with the Ernaldan one.

Donald Oddy


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