Re: TimeLine

From: Gianfranco Geroldi <giangero_at_EcicdWLy6WTmkqLsrxt4nvz_0CbKSnTi4PfsTXauMQ5w3b-DzZAkYWOm1OaromRYOlB>
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 07:38:57 -0000

> > I wonder how it can be that there is a Dara Happan time-line with year
> > 100.000 (for instance) while as far as I know TIME has "begun" only 1600
> > years ago.
> Because only the Barbarian "Lightbringers" count time from the Dawn. The Dara Happans count from the beginning of the world.
> 111,221 YS, when Yelm Reascended into the heavens, is "the Dawn" according > to the Theyalans. Before the Dawn includes the Golden Age, the Storm Age, > the greater & Lesser Darknesses, etc. etc..

The beginning of the world being when the different Otherworlds collided to create Glorantha or, for solar pantheon purposes, even 'before' that. The tricky part is that, according to Theyalan Lightbringers, Goddess Time was born 'when' the Darkness ended and Arachne Solara devoured Chaos, thus giving birth to Time. But this 'event' comes 'after' at least 100.000 years of solar history. The answer might be that Time is different from Causality, but better answers probably exist...


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