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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 00:01:10 GMT

In message <003f01c9c1c3$88d677b0$0400a8c0_at_andrexp> "Osentalka" writes:
>As far as i had understood the Sunstop it lasted for hours/days/weeks,
but not longer. Maybe i am wrong, but the sources doesnīt give any clou
>that it was longer than that.
>I agree that you canīt count "days" when the sun has stopped, but you can
>count using other things.
>If the sunstop lasted more than 4 weeks women would have noticed.
>If the sunstop lasted more than some "month" women would have noticed
>(because toddlers started to crawl, or crawling babies would start to try to
>If the sunstop lasted years most people would notice bacause smaller
>children grow older/bigger.

With all these things people would notice but still not be able to determine with accuracy. Is it one year, two years or three years?

I would suggest that's why there's a lot of opinions about how long it lasted and each group of people will have a tradition that they believe is correct. e.g. Our ancestor Ralfi the Reckless grew from toddler to manhood during the sunstop.

>If the sunstop lasted more than a generation someone would have
>counted at least the number of generations.

Again a very inaccurate way of counting and you get wildly different answers depending on how early individuals bear their first child. Anything between fifteen and thirty years is reasonable with extremes of ten to forty years possible.

Donald Oddy


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